Why I Love Living In South Australia

Welcome to my travel blog! I decided to write my first post on my home state, South Australia. I really feel like it is an awesome destinations for tourists so I’ve put together some points on why it’s worth checking out.

There is actually something to do for all types of holidays as it’s easy to get around, has a great city atmosphere, beaches and untouched nature only a couple of hours away. So let me begin with my favourite thing…

A Great Place For Wine

I have always enjoyed a quality drop of wine and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beautiful wine regions. There are actually thirteen wine regions in the state all with unique wineries and cellar doors. For the wine connoisseurs, you could spend your whole time exploring the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and so much more. Team amazing wine, local food and a beautiful scenery and you’re set for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway.

Enjoy Times On the Murray River

The Murray River is home to some calm waters surrounding some amazing landscapes that are refreshing and fun to see. In fact, the Murray River is about 650 kilometres in length, thus ensuring that there are more than enough spots for you to check out when looking to relax and have a good time on the river. Every year I put aside a week and go to the river with my friends. If you really want to experience true Australian scenery, you must relax by the river banks of Australia’s largest river.

The Temperature’s Always Great (in Kangaroo Island)

If you do happen to be in SA in the winter then I recommend heading over to Kangaroo Island.  The temperatures in the winter can get to be about 15 degrees Celsius with the temperatures going to 29 Celsius in the summer. It’s not overly chilly like it can be in Hobart and it definitely is not as sweltering and tough to bear with like it is in Perth. Kangaroo Island boasts a milder winter than Adelaide and you increase your chances of seeing the native creatures in cooler months! There is also a range of accommodation on the island. In true Kangaroo Island accommodation my friends and I usually hire out a private house right next to the beach.

Don’t Forget Adelaide

Of course you cannot forget about Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city. There are many things to explore in Adelaide from the Adelaide Zoo, Botanic Gardens to the Cleland Conservation Park. You can even enjoy cricket, Australian rules football at the Adelaide Oval or see a show or two at the famous Adelaide Fringe Festival (mid February to mid March). Transport within the city and to Glenelg (popular beach) is easy. The CBD is small so you can get around on foot too!

I highly recommend coming between January and March because there is so much going on. If you love festivals, outdoor performances, great weather and a busy city… this is the time to come!

The bar and restaurant scene is great too. A couple of years ago a new law was passed that made it easier for small bars and restaurants to open. As a result there are so many new hidden gems all over the CBD providing an array of offerings.

Unfortunately, I actually managed to chip my tooth during the Fringe Festival last year (biting into a hot dog), and had to go an visit one of my friends who is an Adelaide dentist and they managed to fix my teeth up after hours. You can check them out at Mariondental.com.au (shameless plug I know!).

Explore the Beautiful Parks

If you’re into adventure… I have always enjoyed the amazing parks out in this area because they feature so many natural scenes and beautiful bits of wildlife that stand out above everything else. The Nullarbor and Yellabinna reserves on the western part of the state are especially beautiful. Some of the best beaches in the state are in Nullarbor as well. That being said, there are so many gorgeous beaches in close proximity to the city.

I really feel that people should check out South Australia for themselves if they want to enjoy a nice vacation out to this amazing country. I’m always encouraging more people to visit so if you have any questions, contact me on my contact page!