Outdoor Holiday vs. City Holiday

Holidays are best spent in the most beautiful places with the most special people in your life.

Whether you want to spend it with your family, friends, alone or even your special someone, finding the right place will definitely make your holiday a moment to remember. I’ve had my fair share of both types of vacations, like island holidays indulging in luxury Kangaroo Island accommodation or packed city trips exploring Melbourne.

When it comes down to what type of holiday, well that really depends on what you want to experience. But I’ve done my best to compare an outdoor holiday exploring the beauty of nature, or a bustling city escape.

Outdoor Holiday vs. City Holiday

There are a lot of reasons why people spend holidays in the city or outdoors. If you are wondering where you can spend the best moments of your life during holidays, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor and city holiday can be very beneficial. Here are some comparisons of these two options to help you make a good choice.

  1. Spectacular or ordinary?

Holidays in cities are perceived as conventional while outdoor holidays are more spectacular and exciting. Most individuals believe this statement to be true. It is, however, not necessarily accurate to all people.

Not all holidays spent on cities are boring and not all vacations outdoor are exciting. By finding the best holiday hotspots in Australia, whether it is found in the city or in the countryside, your holiday will surely be a spectacular adventure.

Australia offers a lot of spectacular outdoor locations for your special holidays. Whether you are new in the country or have lived here your entire life, visiting Kangaroo Island, South Australia is an option you wouldn’t want to miss.

Kangaroo Island offers pristine tourist attractions from wildlife to beaches and untouched nature. There are a variety of outdoor activities as well as great local wine and food to enjoy. Kangaroo-Island-accomodation

  1. Extravagant or Budget?

Most vacation places in cities such as amusement parks require the payment of certain fees for enjoyment. This, however, does not necessarily mean that city holidays require extravagance. Looking closer, you will discover that holidays outdoors can also be as expensive as city holidays. This generally depends on the place you choose to visit.

Pros and Cons of City Holidays

Here are some advantages of choosing to spend holidays in cities:

  • Popular tourist sites
  • Each city has a different culture/ vibe
  • Shopping
  • Range of food available

Disadvantages of spending holidays in cities:

  • City holidays could be repetitive
  • Overall cost
  • Confusing public transport
  • Higher tempo holiday

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Holidays

Here are some perks of outdoor holidays:

  • Be closer to nature and relax
  • Enjoy wildlife
  • Activities you might not have access to at home
  • Quiet

Disadvantages of outdoor holidays:

  • Can be expensive in terms of getting there
  • Far from your home or workplace

Whichever destination you choose, I recommend visiting websites that aggregate accommodation to find the best price. Check out www.clubki.com.au for a range of Kangaroo Island accommodation.