Melbourne Hairdressers: How I found One on my Travels

On my latest trip to Melbourne, I was looking for a Melbourne hair salon to give me a great haircut.

I came across one and they were telling me a great story about how they all became qualified hairdressers.

Here it is:

There will always be a need for hairdressers – so qualifying as a hairdresser could be an excellent career choice for you. At present, the hair and beauty industry in Australia is worth billions of dollars and there’s lots of money to be made and success to be had.

If you’re considering becoming a hairdresser, here are some simple tips to achieve your ultimate goal. 

Hairdresser melbourne

  1. Do Your Research

 It’s important to have a full understanding of exactly what hairdressers do and how they work.

Take some time to research the type of treatments that a hairdresser can offer and the different ways in which they work. Research using beauty blogs, websites and even meeting with hairdressers in your local salon for a quick chat.

  1. Find An Apprenticeship

Hairdressing is a career choice that really does require hands on experience almost from the start. You’ll probably start with the smaller jobs such as washing hair and welcoming clients, but don’t be fooled into thinking that these aren’t important.

Everytime you’re in the salon, ask questions and observe as much as you can to expand your knowledge.

  1. Qualifications

Completing a Certificate III in Hairdressing will allow you to become a qualified Hairdresser in Australia.

You can opt to do this via an apprenticeship, or by studying full time through a Registered Training Organisation such as TAFE. You’ll achieve a National Trade Qualification and be good to go. Or you can visit BODA Haircutters who can also help you get qualified as a hairdresser in Prahran.